Palimar nautical moorings

Qualità palimar Qualità palimar


The core of Palimar mooring poles structure is resistant to flexion, of tubular type in standard or heat galvanized Iron 360 or 510, and, just for some uses, the core is made in wood.
The external coating is made in high-resistance plastic resin integrated to the core.
The Elasticity and Robustness of the poles are set by the diameter and thickness of the tube.
In the case of wooden cores, robustness is determined by the type and diameter of the wooden poles.
The diameters currently in production are 15 - 20 - 22 - 26 cm, with variable length up to 12 m.
The mooring pole for marinas are supplied 120-micron heat galvanized. Penetration method by push with lever or better with clamping vibrator.
Palimar products are covered by patent PD 2004/A000007.